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At Jain Dental Care, we deliver top-notch dental cleaning services to the patients of all ages across Atlanta. We firmly believe that prioritizing preventive measures is paramount for maintaining optimal oral health. Our primary objective is to ensure the well-being of our patients, and the most effective means to achieve this is by offering consistent dental care and educating our patients on maintaining excellent oral hygiene at home.

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Why Dental Cleaning is Important?

The mouth serves as the gateway to our body and overall well-being. Much like our internal organs, maintaining healthy teeth is crucial for balanced digestive function and overall health. Healthy teeth enable us to effectively break down food, facilitating the absorption of essential nutrients. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in proper speech and contribute significantly to the positioning of our lips.

Through the removal of plaque, calculus, and stains, gum health improves. This reduction in inflammation, caused by the irritation of plaque and calculus, results in less bleeding and tenderness in the gums. By effectively managing gum inflammation, a comprehensive dental cleaning also serves as a preventive measure against bone diseases, such as periodontal disease. This is because chronic gum inflammation and the presence of calculus can lead to bone inflammation and subsequent loss.

Who is the Right Candidate for Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleanings are beneficial for all patients, making everyone an ideal candidate. They play a crucial role in maintaining optimal oral health and can serve as an early detection method for oral diseases. In certain cases, dental cleanings can be combined with other procedures to address underlying oral conditions. For instance, if you are detected with any gum disease during a dental cleaning or oral examination, we can suggest a personalized treatment plan for gum disease.

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What to Expect During Your Dental Cleaning with Us?

A routine dental cleaning, a fundamental aspect of your bi-annual visit, is a straightforward procedure. If a substantial buildup of plaque or tartar is present on your teeth, or if deep gum pockets exist, a deep teeth cleaning may be necessary. During a professional dental cleaning, most individuals experience minimal discomfort.

The cleaning process involves a combination of gentle, targeted water sprays, ultrasonic tools with vibration, small dental instruments, and polishing techniques to effectively cleanse the teeth. Following the cleaning and polishing, your teeth are meticulously flossed and examined.

As part of your dental cleaning, you may also receive a recommended fluoride treatment. These professional fluoride treatments offer greater strength compared to over-the-counter products and provide enhanced protection against cavities. Administering fluoride treatments is a brief process.

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